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Attention and Fragmentation

Estou lendo um livro que me foi emprestado de um amigo muito querido. Nele há um artigo oriundo de palestras recentes cujo tema era a sociedade e os links. Esse artigo fala sobre a economia da atenção nos dias atuais. Aí vai uma provocação aos jornalistas, um grande abraço, Cacau:

“Recent studies in the production of online newspapers suggest that the Internet, coupled with competitive journalistic practices, actually contribuites to the homogenizations of news content. It appears that journalists use the online environment to continuously monitor their competition. Not wanting to be scooped and relying heavily on commonly available wire services and electronic media, newspapers increasingly replicate the same stories. One can imagine a similar dynamic operating in the bogosphere. In fact, Benkler’s analysis of how meritorious news and opinion percolate to the A-list blogs seems to be a related phenomenon. For him, this is the mechanism that overcomes the ‘Babel objection’ about the democratizing effects of the Internet. It does suggest, however, that public attention is not as fragmented as it might at first seem.” (página 31)

WEBSTER, James G. (2008) Structuring a marketplace of attention. In: The hyperlinked society: questioning connections in the digital age. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 2008.

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